Coaching Education

Coaching Education Program for Coaches by Sparta Rotterdam FC

Sparta Rotterdam FC believed that cannot provide good training lessons for coaches without coaching education training program and supervisory system. Therefore, Sparta Rotterdam set up coaching education program in varies level. We will send some instructor from Netherlands to preside over a short- term workshop so as to enhance the learning experience of the coaches in Asia and provide an opportunity for them to share their experience in coaching. The coaching certificate course is designed by Sparta Rotterdam. Participants will be capable of realizing Dutch football training methodology and idea by attending different courses of our academy.

We profoundly believed in cultivating more splendid coaches is the best way to facilitate the technique and the standard of local football players. We have a simple aim which is to develop more high-quality football coaches. Hence, to educate teenagers to become a successful person not only on football field, but also in daily life by behaving themselves in a good manner. More importantly we want to cultivate high-quality coaches who are with aspiration, respect in football and enthusiastic about football coaching. Teacher, coach, football player, and anyone who are interested in football are all welcomed to participate in the coaching training course. We open and share the Europe’s greatest Youth training program with you in the course.
Course content includes major curriculum of Sparta Rotterdam FC: Defense, Attack, Defense Transit to Attack and Attack transit to defense, these are the develop progress of a football player to the match.