Coaches code of conduct

Coaches Guidance

1. Accept decisions of the referees.
2. Remain calm.
3. Make no loud and offensive remarks on players and parents .
4. Focus on coaching players during lesson and use of mobile phone and gossiping is not allowed
5. Be a role model of fair play.
6. Be positive and opitmistic.
7. Never leave early during lesson and competition.
8. Review coaching methods after each lesson so as to improve coaching skills.
9. Arrive at the pitch 30 minutes before the lesson starts for preparation work such as putting discs and cones.
10. Try the best to impart the soccer skills and tactics to players during lesson.
11. Keep good communication with parents to let them have a more thorough understanding of the course. Launch interflow activities constantly to enhance the relationships with parents.
12. Always encourage players during lesson and competition to enhance their confidence.
13. Act as referees if needed.
14. Always coaching under the principle of Fair Play sportsmanship.