Why choose AFCA?

  • Using the newest training methods of the world in Dutch way.
  • Fixing systematic training modes in a year to make sure players will enhance their skills after every class.
  • Using professional coaches that everyone of them has to complete the coach education program in the Academy, pass the examination and practise for a certain period of times before teaching.
  • Using excellent soccer pitches that all training will be carried at the safety artificial turf.
  • Inducing players to be self disciplined.
  • Cooperating with Sparta Rotterdam FC in technical aspects.

Youth soccer training course

  • For 3-16 years old youth training course
  • 15 – 20 players in each class under coaching by 2 – 3 coaches
  • Age group: 3-5 years / 5-7 years / 8-10 years / 11-13 years / 14-16 years
  • Classes are divided into different levels on the basis of skills and techniques:
  • Class promotion through passing skills tests, achieving good disciplinary records and good performance in match playing
  • Using newest Sparta Rotterdam FC youth training system
  • Talent and Pro class players can play tournaments overseas such as Asia Soccer School Cup, Gothia Cup and Japan Youth Soccer Cup
  • Training venues: Wong Tai Sin Soccer Park, Kowloon Tong Australia International School and Wanchai SJC.

Adult soccer training course

  • Using the newest Sparta Rotterdam FC Youth training system
  • Ongoing arrangement of friendly matches
  • Tours for watching football matches and visiting famous football clubs overseas in Japan, England, Italy and Spain etc..
  • Assisting players in the formation of football teams, venue booking, playing tournaments as well as providing coaches for the teams
  • Training venue: Wong Tai Sin Football Park

All training will be conducted at night time in Wong Tai Sin Soccer Park which is convenient to reach. The Park is a 5-a-side soccer pitch which is very popular in Japan. It is just like the one at the top roof of Yokohama station in Japan

Dutch Sparta Rotterdam Youth Training System
Training System include:

  • Attack
  • Defend
  • Attack switching to defend
  • Defend switching to attack
  • Fitness
  • Mental

Skills test

Sparta Rotterdam FC youth training system will prepare skills test for the players twice in a year. Through attending the tests, both parents and coaches will have more understanding on the skills level of the players.The test will be conducted in all branches of Sparta Rotterdam Youth Academy in Asia. Results of the test will be used for comparison among different branches. As such, players will know the difference between themselves and other players in Asia.

Coach Education Program

We have good coach education program and coach training system. All the coaches have to complete the training course offered by Sparta Rotterdam FC  and successfully passing the examination. Current coaches will be provided additional training on new development of soccer from time to time. As such, players are guaranteed to be trained by best coaches.


Intra-school soccer tournament

Sparta Cup

Inter class futsal league. The match will play on Saturday or Sunday Morning in Wong Tai Sin Football Park

Academy Carnival Tournamnet

Academy carnival tournaments for all students at the end of year.

Overseas tournaments and soccer camps

Junior clas will launch an overseas tournament and training every year in Japan, England, China or Singapore. Elite class and Team class will go for overseas tournaments such as Japan Youth Soccer Cup, AFCA Cup and Sweden Gothia Cup etc..


Promotion system and elite training

Outstanding players will be chosen to train in talent and Pro classes. Player from these classes will represent academy to go for overseas tournaments and training as well as conduct soccer skills demonstration

Players will participate tournamnet:

  • Japan U12 Soccer Cup every year (the biggest tournament in Japan for U12)
  • Sweden Gothia Cup (the biggest tournament in the world for the Youth)
  • Denmark Dana Cup