Parents Guidance

  1. Understand the basis concept of soccer and the methodology of the training course
  2. Promote the concept of “Fair Play” and “Sportsmanship” to their children during non training periods.
  3. Parents should always support and encourage their children
  4. Teach their children to be good at time management and always be punctual to attend all the training classes and activities
  5. Keep silence during training period
  6. Respect for all other people including coaches, players and parents
  7. No impolite language should be used against other people during training period
  8. Pay attention on the physical fitness of the players to make sure they are eligible for the training
  9. Assist the coaches during training period if necessary
  10. Try to attend the training class if possible so as to understand more on the training course as well as communicate with the coaches
  11. Keep calm and good attitudes
  12. Support the decisions made by referees or coaches during match playing and training
  13. Encourage players to communicate with others including parents and coaches
  14. Update the training activities and guidance as they may be changing from time to time
  15. Support and encourage players during match playing and training by giving out applause, pay attention on the outstanding performance of players during match playing and training, telling them they were good on the way back home and reminding them to do the same next time so as to enhance their self confidence
  16. Do not intervene the coaches, referees and school officials during training and match playing
  17. Keep the venue in tidy and smoking and alcholic drinks is not allowed
  18. Do not take photo or photo on the training without the permission of our school; parents should stay only at the level of training pitch and they are not allowed to enter into other levels of Australia International School as well as the soccer pitch during training period

All parents should obey to all the above guidances.
From Asia Football Coaching Academy