Code of conduct

Players Guidance

  1. Players have to fully equipped including soccer boots, jerseys, shorts, socks and shin guards for  attending the lesson.  Drinking water and towels are also needed and do not take too much food before the lesson.
  2. Do not bring plenty of cash and valuable goods to school.
  3. Each player will be issued an identity card which has to bring along with to school, otherwise, he/she may not be allowed to attend the lesson. Please keep the card carefully and if the card is lost and a new identity card will be issued at the cost of HK50.
  4. Players have to arrive at school 20 minutes before the lesson started or at football pitch 45 minutes before the match started.
  5. All players can take a day leave in every month. If players have to apply for a day leave, arrive late at school or leave early in a lesson, they have to notify the school officials or coaches in advance.
  6. Players should wear unbreakable or plastic made spectacles. Necklaces, bracelets, watches or rings have to be taken off before attending the lesson or playing match to avoid accidental personal damages.
  7. Players are not allowed to take day leave, early leave and arrive late frequently for training and playing match.
  8. Players who often violate the school regulations will be expelled from school.
  9. Players have to remain humble, show respect and be polite to the teammates, opponents, parents, coaches, referees and school officials during training and playing match. They always have to act under the guidance of the coaches and school officials.
  10. Players are not allowed to speak foul language, spitting, scolding and bad tempered during training and playing match. Moreover, racism is stricly prohibited.
  11. Players have to take good care of the training pitch and accessories. They are encouraged to clean up the pitch and pack up all the accessories after training.
  12. After training or playing match, players have to shake hands with the referees, teammates, opponents and coaches to show thankfulness.
  13. Parents should remind their children to keep safe and act under the guidance of the coaches during training and playing match. The school will not be liable for any personal damages and the loss of valuable goods of the players during training, playing match as well as in transportation.